Final Fantasy Day Care 4

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**5/31/05** Daily Feature and Front Page, sweet!!

-I urge all of u to STOP accusing me of stealing the joke from Family Guy. It is an old idea of good/bad conscience that has been around for a long time, ever since Looney Tunes, and has been used in Family Guy, Trigger Happy TV, and Jay and Silent Bob, to name a few. Also, the GT Chocobo idea was from an image i stumbled upon on google-
yes yes i know, according to ep.3 it was supposed to come out on tuesday but you know...
the 5th one might take a while considering that its summer. anyway this is the second to last episode in the series so enjoy as our FF burglars try to figure out ways to take care of the kids.
watch out for the plot twist...


Lol! That's funny! But one thing...

The part with the angel being late is a ripoff from a scene in an early episode of Family Guy!

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This was pretty good and I am not that much a fan of Final Fantasy thye graphices were good and so were the sounds there was some funny parts like the baby in the backround beatin its head on the bookshelf while they were sayin yeh were doin all right(im not mean but that was funny u got to admit) ne was all in all this was a great make wating for episode 5!


hahahah gotta watch more!morrreeee!...good job m8

I like it but i dont get Ferrer's comment

I think his trying to say it rocks

LOL this is funny

ive seen every one of these and there all this funny cant wait till the next one comes out

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May 30, 2005
12:00 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody