Final Fantasy Day Care 4

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**5/31/05** Daily Feature and Front Page, sweet!!

-I urge all of u to STOP accusing me of stealing the joke from Family Guy. It is an old idea of good/bad conscience that has been around for a long time, ever since Looney Tunes, and has been used in Family Guy, Trigger Happy TV, and Jay and Silent Bob, to name a few. Also, the GT Chocobo idea was from an image i stumbled upon on google-
yes yes i know, according to ep.3 it was supposed to come out on tuesday but you know...
the 5th one might take a while considering that its summer. anyway this is the second to last episode in the series so enjoy as our FF burglars try to figure out ways to take care of the kids.
watch out for the plot twist...



pretty great but try just making a subtitle


this is another beutiful final fantasy day care. and i can't spell beutiful, because the penguins stole my sanity etc.
hurry the hell up with number 5!!!! kewl music from final fantasy. lol. the cids. grand theft chocobo III :p great stuff keep it up.

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well i can see why

some ppl thought u stole it from family guy, that style of humor is very similar, but lets be real that was barely even recognizibly similar for me until i read the reviews for it, so seriously, like was said before, family guy didnt invent the whole good evil angel thing, emporers new groove did, just kiddin

I just want to say

do some people really think family guy invented the evil angel/good angel concept?? People are such idiots. i can't believe it sometimes. That concept has been around since forever. Family guy is not the ultimate in defining human culture. people are so stupid!!!! its pretty depressing sometimes.....get a life people...
oh yeah, this was pretty funny :-)

You make FF look bad

No offense but I really think you should have better ideas for the piece. Im not sure why the voices sounds so dead but there should be emotion (not the dramatic kind) Ive watched all the episodes and I really have to say you did pretty well for the graphics and effects but there is way more room for improvement. However, Graphics isnt as important as the idea behind it. I wish u all the best in your work. GL and dont give up!~ ;)

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May 30, 2005
12:00 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody