Zelda's PRIDE force

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EDIT 2: Woo. 100K views and on the frontpage. What more could a girl ask for. Mentor also got himself an NG account so I added him in the authors list. He's "Zente".

EDIT: Forgot to do this. Thanks to Fusion Warrior for the title idea. And the red head is Malon to those who're wondering.

This is just a joke, so hopefully no one will take offense.

This is based on an OLD concept. Very old. Well, maybe just about 6-8 months old. I was too embarassed to throw my idea out to anyone. But then I told Mentor about it. He enjoyed it and agreed to voice Link for me. Which was good cuz everyone hated my Link. XD I still get a chance to voice him in the movie. Anyway, this took me 2 months to do, with alot of... patience? And... drugs. Lotsa drugs.

No I'm kidding. I wasn't high while doing this. Mentor wasn't either. At least he's pretty sure he wasn't.

Just watch the shit, okay?


I ahte all you Zelda fanboys!

Why don't you guys go play some real games. like contra 3.

nalem responds:

You sure ahte us. Damn us.

I'm a girl btw.

Great stuff again

Wow, great humor had me laughing nonstop, great work again Mel ^_^


great ending at the end with link waking up

I had seen it on sheezy

And i also like it here :3


A job well done, Mel. I knew you could do it. Massive kudos for mentioning me, too. I think this was far more followable and understandable than you were worrying it would be. You should've seen my jaw go agape when the big shocking secret about Zelda came out. As I said before, length and narrative both pay off heavily. Try and worry less in the future, okay?

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May 29, 2005
2:16 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody