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yeh. its weird. you probably hate it. but whatever i was bored. its not too bad...

Update:so i email wade asking why its flagged for reveiw and i come back and BOOM SHANKA. turd of the week.

cheers all the haters and lovers.

another update: i have read ALL the reveiws and even though i love to reply theres just to many that are all "samey" mainly "LIEK D00D i Cud of had an Epileptic fit, gawd u rteh shitorz" great work guys, but i am sick of wasting my time on retards like you, so i will say this. If you have epilepsy OH PLEASE DON'T WATCH AND DIE BECAUSE WE WOULD ALL HATE FOR ONE MORE PERSONS LIFE TO BE ENDED BY A MOVIE. If epileptics read the computer guidebooks they would know about flashing lights and crap anyway so if they watch this movie the stupid gets deserve to fall into a fit and choke on their tongues. Secondly I am no retard (many of you may wish to argue this point, do it, my email address is right up there) but i KNOW E=mc(squared) not E=mc2. I'm unsure of how to type 2 as squared, as beleive it or not Sherlocks of the world squared can be written as a small 2.ahhh rant over, watch, vote, reveiw, whatever.

love joxa xxx

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It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't good either.

I didn't like that song. Some guy in comments said that it's something by the band Nasum. I personally thought that this is something by Cannibal Corpse or Anal cunt.

holy shit

im glad i don't have epilepsy!

it is ok

it is ok 5/10 0/5

Not Great

Better than some of the things like this out there, but was still not that good


Hay, thats my favorite song! :D

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2.56 / 5.00

May 28, 2005
8:20 PM EDT
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