Dancing Clay 2

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This is a very old movie I made acouple of years ago. I decided to submit it here, just to see what everyone would think of it. Sorry for the repetative music, but I didn't have anything else to put in it. Also, it gets pretty messed up around the end.

Inspired By GAMECUBICLES Clay Man Loves To Dance


Ever heard of ripping of other people

You totally ripped me off dude, not that i care, but you could at least give some credit in the movie.


Being a claymator myself, I can honestly say that was one of the worst claymations I've ever seen.

Not only did you rip off Gamecubicle's "Clay Loves to Dance" (and sucked at doing so, might I add) but you also had really bad lighting and rather choppy animation.

I am very suprised that this made it through the portal.

Also, learn to code your preloader better next time. It kept looping itself.

mmm no

why i say no?cuz the stupid thing that was supposed to be a loader looped continuously.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

I didn't make the loader! My friend did so :P

Claymation never gets old.

A clay man dancing? Gets a 9 from me.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Its true claymation dosn't get old. I think that claymation is one of the best styles of movies.

Pretty good, but....

Your gonna have to scrub that table like $H!+. Unless it was playdough.

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Deadly-Shadow responds:

It acctully come off easily (as long as you use paper towls). Thanks for the great review!

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3.34 / 5.00

May 28, 2005
9:28 AM EDT
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