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Squall Vs Cloud (Preview)

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Author Comments

An ongoing project I was dicking around with for fun. It's not done, nor will it ever be. BTW, it is EXTREMELY heavy on animations so LOW QUALITY IS A MUST!

OR else.. chop chop chop..

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pretty aright

very good

In my personal opinion, this is a cool version of squall v cloud battles i have always thought of squall beating cloud, doesnt mean he will but hey, the game ff8 i thought was well done, may say storyline wasnt great but, i thought it was, graphics were vastly better than ff7 and the music ruled. so if u calculate that into this fight who would win the sleak nimble and powerful squall versus block boy and his big feat, squall has a massive block to hit lol, not hard. Obviously thats just one view.
i think the reason most people think cloud would win was cause of FF7 itself, massive dmg and the likes first ever 3D final fantasy which made everyone love it, soon as the made a nice FF8 with a more relaxed story line but still a great game, people just stuck with ff7 mostly i think, but all in all totally unfair to match up ff7 with ff8, all boils down to the individuals prefrences to chars plot whatever u know, hope we all agreee tho FF is by far the best game out there.

BTW can anyone tell me why cloud and squall have almost identical names? there literal meanings i mean.

Squall keep on slicing your childhood sucked but thats part of the story and its good how u got over it cant be a hero from the day u were born right?and Cloud get your own life dont nick ur mates and see a shrink about ur probs, nice hair tho and great girl companions.

How about a discuss on the companions of the fantasy's?

lol, pretty cool

that last dude makes some majorly good points. Cloud-he-who-run-from-Sephirot h-clones VS Squall-he-who-jumps-off-a-caro usell-to-chop-into-a-mob-and-h ijack-a-car-to-kill-a-sorceres s. hmm... SQUALL OWNS! But this one was funny. That Zidane part was funny. But how about this? OTHER characters, like Rinoa VS Tifa, or Sephiroth VS Zell, or even Zidane VS Selphie (lol). Nice stuff, but use some of these suggestions for a little bit of originality.

That was pretty anti-climatic...

Why Zidane? That's so random. I expected a big spectacular battle where you could choose who wins. I hate it when people make these huge VS crossovers flash and make a neutral ending to make fans of both games happy. Besides, in a fight between Cloud and Squall, Squall would easily win. Compared to Squall, Cloud is a pussy. Squall wouldn't run from those Sephiroth copies if he was in Advent Children. He'd leap off the bike and swing his gunblade around and that would be that. Squall pwns. But I agree with you, Final Fantasy 9 is one of the worst Final Fantasy games ever, along with 10-2. The best is 8 or 7. BTW pretty good flash but learn to make an ending where you can choose who wins. Leave a response please.

lol u know.. this is like the best one yet

i think i liked it cause at least once, they didnt make Squall (my idol) look like a weak ass mofo from hell.. and of course Clouds kool too.. jus Squall is kooler xD and noone likes zindane.. so Everyone wins :D -bows to your flash- lol i liked the stickfigures too xDD i am definitly giving this a 5

Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2001
11:06 PM EDT