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Space Cowboy: Preview

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Author Comments

I normally dont like previews, but for this one time I would like some input on this flash and whether or not I should finish it. Space Cowboy is a story about an outcast, trint who is running away from his problems, soon his problems found him and the Monstars are after him, can he excape?

Please review and tell me if this is good enough to complete, thanks

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maskero2 kiss my ass fuckberry

"Bro" your movie was awesome, that animation wasnt the best I'll admit but your shading, the background the movement of the characters the explosion and the excellent choice of music perfectly made this movie and it gave you a 5. Now I dont know where the fuck this maskero2 guy thinks hes going saying you suck when your fucking score is 3.45, hes probably a really bad flash artist that beats off all night. Good job dude.
Maskero2 fuck you. (rhymes)


dude i know this is only your second moive but damn bro the thing that really ruined it for me is the graphics i can do better and i only been doing flash for like 3 weeks im not honking my own horn but im just saying maybe you should wait till you get better and then make anthor moive

Blue-Shore responds:

I thank you for the honesty Maskero2, I am not new to animation but the reason this is drawn "dirty", is the reason is that Im not trying to look professional this is just simply practice for later, and better progects. Im a student and I have little time to work on animation, so here and there, some times not more than 10 mins, I add thinds and in a hurry. my next movie may be drawn better because of the summer and more spare time. thanks again for your honesty, it is apreciated

((( Good Job )))

Good job for your second flash movie. I liked the style and the story. The music was good and went well with the story. I know it is just a preview but it is pretty decent so far. I say keep it up and finish the flash up.



I want to see the finished product.

i want to be a space cowboy

i like the video....not completely sure about the jist of the preview...
good song though could you tell me what it was

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

May 27, 2005
5:48 PM EDT

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