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western movie collection

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5 short western movies (the first 3 ones are very short but the last 2 are longer)

made by me and my brother.

edit: sorry for the sound error(when the black n white part is over one of the sound effects repeat) but we dont have the fla file anymore :(


((( HA )))

Ok this was odd, and abit strange hehe, the parts with color was pretty cool, but the "GREY" ones were odd and strange, its and ok flash with a good idea behind it but you may want to add more to it with longer scenes and more story feel aswell, nice job though...


The best flash!

I watched this so many times and I just couldnĀ“t stop laughing for the rest of the day :D

its the best movie ever

i watched it like 50 times and i laugh as much as the first time
really you are the flashmaster haha i love the scene when the guy wont die hehehe

i have to tell that my favorite scenes are the first and fourth i say PLEASE do somethign like that next time ( maybe you will be surprised to hear that but i voted 5 LOLLLLZ)

ZombieToaster responds:

glad that you liked it, why would it be a surprice that u voted 5. i mean, it is the best movie ever(not the worst as some say)


This gave me a good laugh. The randomness really added to the humor, and I love the style. Only thing is I wish this was a bit longer and had a few more random scenes in it to keep the laughs going - if humor is what you were after here, and I think that's a safe guess... chainsaws in the old west! What a riot! Keep up the good work.

ZombieToaster responds:

this was only the first of many collaborations between me and my brother, keep your eyes up for the next.

Its ok

Ity was pretty cool but it needs blood and cut the last scene. It sucks.

ZombieToaster responds:

nooooo, the last scene was the best!!! ;) fo0oshizzle

blood and guts ey, il think about that for my next movie.

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3.14 / 5.00

May 26, 2005
4:38 PM EDT
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