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Ho ho ho! It's your old pal Santa Dogg!

Originally featured on Newgrounds for the Christmas of 1999, this submission is now being introduced via the Portal. It's part of the ongoing effort to move all the old content into the Portal system.



^^Good Points^^
A pretty good holiday themed movie, it's definitely not your average movie. The song was pretty unique, I've never heard it before, and it was kind of funny. Decent drawings too.

^^Needs Improving^^
The animations were kind of crude, most noticeably in the lip syncing, which was not even close to being on the words of the song. There also wasn't much shading in this...obviously a very old movie though.

To Chillin1ce

Why the hell are you judging it now? It's been 7 years since that was submitted, i hate when people are letting their oppinon on thousand years old videos. THAT HAPPENED AGES AGO AND PEOPLE STILL SAY "HMM THAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT!" wtf?! the flash version wasnt as good as it is now and ofc the author has either left or improved unless he's an idiot.

-To Chillin1ice , the guy who has the post beneath me


A Ghetto version of Chirstmas....funny songs too.

~Ways To Improve~
The graphics needs a little touching up.
And add subtitles to the entire flash not only a part of it.

~Extra Comments~
Santa Dogg is coming to town.

Till next time man,

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Santa Dogg's coming to da hood?

Needs improving, improvee the graphics & sound a bit.......

Nice work though,

The movie was hott!!!!!

Man, I have to tell you that your movie was hott!! The only thing that was wrong was I didn't laugh like I wanted to. You need to spice ya movie up. I would love to laugh a little more. I hope to see more of your movies. Later!!!!

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3.39 / 5.00

May 26, 2005
3:59 PM EDT
Comedy - Original