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Today, I took the theme song of Series 2 of the TV series of "TransFormers" and semi-animutated it into this bizarre, inane, mindless, dopey little half-a-minute animation that I can't quite explain or justify. If your have important things to do with your life, don't watch it. (And if you do, don't complain. "You have been warned.") Otherwise, enjoy!! Energon cubes for all!

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I didn't quite understand this at first. Then I remember what a Transformer is. Well, in real life, I mean. I found this pretty amusing. I just wish it was longer. That's a catchy intro, though.

It was fun to occasionally see hand drawn animation from you. It sticks out so well. This was before the new Transformers movie OR Abridged Series. This was ahead of its time! You have good variety.

I just...? What was..? With the chips...?

Best thing ever made :D

Need I say more?

the girl was the best part

the best part was the girl riding that machine

TmsT responds:

Reviewed like a true critic after my own heart.


Sorry.. but this piece of ... "flash art"... made my eyes bleed and my ears vommit... effort wasted to be honest.

TmsT responds:

Effort indeed - if any effort was truly spent at all - but the other qualities that went into it were well worth every unit, it would seem!