CastleVania: TFB Final

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With more bosses and better playability!

CastleVania: The Final Battle, is an enhanced CastleVania emulated using Flash. This is the full version(It Even got an Ending!).
This game has only you aginst Dracula's first form. It may be hard and sometimes unfair(Bugs!), know that if Dracula Appears on you, you will gain MASSIVE Damage!
-This is the FINAL version, I wont make any more of this, since people seem to get tired of it.

Move = Arrows
hit = z
jump = x

Do you think this is TOO damn hard and frustrating? - Check out my other creation: CastleVania TFB Final +.


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Terrible, I kept hitting him soooooo many times and yet not even a dent in his health bar. Dracula also spawns right on you and then most of your health is gone in an instant. I'd rather not waste my time on something so frustrating.

Serveral Errors

The castlevania II music was probably my favorite part about this flash even the main menu music just got me so revved up for this game I almost couldn't wait the 5 seconds it took to load. The controls are plain and simple which was really enjoyable making the game a lot easier than it looks or would seem. The recreation is great with all nice sprites and an exact clone of TFB.

While the controls were fine and enjoyable for all the gameplay there was to many glitches like if you use the whip to many times you'll be stuck in an endless loop that is a continous showing of Simon trying to whip Dracula. Another thing is it's to hard and frustrating with all the bugs and glitches meanwhile Dracula rarely takes damage and it takes all the fun from the game.

It's interesting to see this almost complete clone of the final battle from Simon's Quest but there's to many glitches and the frustration isn't really worth it.

-TY Reviews

TheDon2000 responds:

Thanks for a great review! :)
You should try Castlevania Xtreme. It's a newer and more improved game.

Pretty good recreation of the final battle...

...in Castlevania. It's nice that you kept the original gameplay style intact. The graphics have been slightly improved, too! The only drawback is that it moves way too fast. It took me countless tries to take down Dracula, due to this problem. Then again, it probably has to do with my computer. Nevertheless, it's a pretty good recreation of the final battle with Dracula.

what the hel dude

how did you mess up the controls? they're fuckin reversed. any castlevania fan knows its the fuckin opposite. this game isn't hard because of dracula, its the fukin controls, and the glitches. piece of shit. im giving it 0 but +5 stars cuz its castlevania

Laggy and Glitchtastic

If you mash the Whip button, Simon will continue to whip, but without a whip in his hand.
Dracula's fire can knock you "into" the coffin, and He cant hit you

Things that fail:
The jumping animation is laggy and unresponsive
The whiping animation is laggy and unresponsive
The walking animation is unresponsive
Hold onto the forward arrow for 5 seconds and let go, and Simon will continue to walk

Make this better plz.

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3.32 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2001
12:23 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other