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Sonic Boom Cannon

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Here is my two week mini game project. This hedgehog-powered cannon can fire your favorite sonic character down courses to collect rings, chaos emeralds, and distance for rings.
~UPDATE - 26/05/05~
I fixed some of the more demanding glitches such as the 0-1 degree miss-fire and the "bellow ground" glitch many of you people said you got. In truth, the character was up in the air and was not coming down for a while. what ever the case, theres code to prevent it now.
-I added two more songs (doubling the file size) by popular demand.
-A mute button is now an option.
-The 'submit' button works at 50% now. the scores / names are stored on my site but they are not sorted in any way.

Please people, dont compare this game to the kitten cannon or call it a rip of it. The kitten cannon was just a rip of an old flash game called pingu where you whacked a penguin with a bat down a mine field.

Objectives :
1) Unlock all the characters by collecting enough rings.
2) Gather all 7 chaos emeralds, if you cant do it on the field, you may buy them for 200 rings each.
3) beat the secret ending.

Controls :
left / right to lower and raise the power.
Up / Down to tilt the cannon.
Space to fire. simple.

Flash stats :
FPS 25
file size 760kb~
estimated game play : 30 minutes or less.
I'm still working on the submit scores button so bare with me.
The save button works great.

Well I'm off to go work on the ST.T6. see everyone soon. PS I don’t need your criticism.


I sorta liked the game but the things you broke are too broken... they send you like at 2000 feet high and i didnt knew what was happening in the boss battle... I liked the character select board so you could use your favourite character... but is a bit broken... i 100%ed this so... i will vote a 3.5 R
Not bad as a game tho!

It's just a character select screen. I'm just gonna go to the second one.

Great game. Just thought you should fix a glitch where your character breaks the game by going to high. I don't know what happened, as I had went to get a cheese bun, but some important info is that I was chao. Thanks!

This is an awesome Sonic game!

this brings so many memories and you know what anyone who says sonic is shit can go screw themselves and accept that they're wrong 5 stars for nostalgia

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4.38 / 5.00

May 25, 2005
11:19 PM EDT
Skill - Toss