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Sonic Boom Cannon

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Here is my two week mini game project. This hedgehog-powered cannon can fire your favorite sonic character down courses to collect rings, chaos emeralds, and distance for rings.
~UPDATE - 26/05/05~
I fixed some of the more demanding glitches such as the 0-1 degree miss-fire and the "bellow ground" glitch many of you people said you got. In truth, the character was up in the air and was not coming down for a while. what ever the case, theres code to prevent it now.
-I added two more songs (doubling the file size) by popular demand.
-A mute button is now an option.
-The 'submit' button works at 50% now. the scores / names are stored on my site but they are not sorted in any way.

Please people, dont compare this game to the kitten cannon or call it a rip of it. The kitten cannon was just a rip of an old flash game called pingu where you whacked a penguin with a bat down a mine field.

Objectives :
1) Unlock all the characters by collecting enough rings.
2) Gather all 7 chaos emeralds, if you cant do it on the field, you may buy them for 200 rings each.
3) beat the secret ending.

Controls :
left / right to lower and raise the power.
Up / Down to tilt the cannon.
Space to fire. simple.

Flash stats :
FPS 25
file size 760kb~
estimated game play : 30 minutes or less.
I'm still working on the submit scores button so bare with me.
The save button works great.

Well I'm off to go work on the ST.T6. see everyone soon. PS I don’t need your criticism.


Much MUCH better then the kitty cannon game.

It's fun and all but for some reason Sonic went over 5000 feet ion the air and went underground and is still rolling. I'm not kidding people sonic is just rolling under the level not stoping. Thats somthing you need to fix.

It's ok

Your game has a really good concept, better than a lot of cannon related games that i've played. But to add some constructive criticism.. maybe if you made it so pressing the space bar after the character stops moving would being you straight back to the firing screen, rather than having to keep pulling the cursor onto the screen to click the retry button and then move it away because it obstructs the view, moving the mouse in and out of the box also makes the game lag on some computers..

also if you maybe had the cannon maintain its position from the last shot it made, I doubt anyones getting too far firing on the default 0 degree angle, having to readjust to a mid range angle after every shot gets annoying, especially after the last shot u made failed in a half second.

Having brought that up, i'll also add that staying in the air isn't as easy as it's made out to be, a bad ratio between helpful and un-helpful obstacles maybe? not that this part matters a whole lot. everything else is pretty good, like i said, it has a really good concept, also, kudos on having the smarts to change the weight and speed statistics of different characters, anyway, good job

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Have any time to waste? I highly suggest this game to any sonic fan that has some time on their hands. Plenty unlockables, and a nice final level. In the case of a sequel, though, please add more challenges. (Maybe a form of bossfight to unlock stuff?)

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It was good

I liked the music you choosed but it would of been a little more amusing whit more choises of music but other than that i really likes it.


Lol 0_o my chaos gone so high he just disapperd.


This is where he stopped going higger. lol.
(Cant post url to pic :()
To bad i couldnt submit score becaus of bug. :/
Nice game anyways! ^^

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4.38 / 5.00

May 25, 2005
11:19 PM EDT
Skill - Toss