Bionic Cummando

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This is the result of one of my experiments weeks ago. I was toying with VGDC’s Bionic Commando stuff and I made this. Is very, very short but I hope that you laugh at least a bit because that’s my mission. Enjoy!


It was ok

It was a all right Flash funny but i like your mario ones a lot better

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PWNED! Also Great flash

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love that shit

that was one of the funniest fukkin thing iv everr seen. love that shit

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Hey hexis I just dont get how is is possible that your stuff gets so lame scores.
I mean, look at this shit! it was just awesome! awesome quality, stupid jokes, i mean its all I was looking for!

maybe the problem is the time and eve nt when you are submitting them. I recommend you to do that in the morning cos people often have nothing to do and
chat and do stupid stuff on the internet

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I am just writing this to Hexis...

Hexis..I saw the bomb om battle and after i reviewed it i noticed it was from u and u had made "M is bad" and i really liked it and u are one of my favorite artists i really like Mario and stuff so i just wanted to tell u that u r very good at making this kind of stuff. Good job :) and this movie was good too...i hvnt seen it yet but im going to right now but im sure its good since it was from u.

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1.99 / 5.00

May 25, 2005
11:14 AM EDT
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