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Windows 98 Sucks

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Bill Gates get caught in an embarrassing moment when his operating system he is advertising has a blue screen of death in front of a huge crowd.


Nothing special

Well, you did this before, and not much has changed except for the movement of Bill's head, the background, and the now inappropriately-shaded Blue Screen of Death. I don't see why so many people are impressed by your putting crappy Shockwave animation over a sound byte from an incredibly old press conference back when Windows 98 was in beta, but whatever gets you off, man.


Pretty good! Much better then all the submitted
shit last days...

Funny, but doesn't look so good

Thats some funny stuff you got there. Sound wasn't bad, but pretty fuzzy. Graphics weren't great either, but I guess enough detail was put in to make it acceptable. I give you credit for taking the time to make something like this, but I'm sorry I couldn't give you a higher score. Touch up the visuals.... keep up the good work. Remember so submit YOUR OWN STUFF, UNLIKE THAT ASSWIPE WHO SUBMITTED XIAO XIAO NO.2 AGAIN

Good. Made me smile.

This is was pretty funny man. I liked it. I wish I woulda saw the real thing though.


Its ok but id much more reccomend you get the MPEG video of the actual thing... its pissfunny!!!!

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1.57 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2001
3:23 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody