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EDIT: 7/17/2014

The cat Pussycatt-o that I based this game around passed away recently. I miss him very dearly, and it's unfortunate that I never got to finish this game as I lost the source files due to a hard drive crash. Maybe I'll re-do the game someday in his memory :-)


This is my first Flash movie. I still need to add some animations to it, but that'll come in v.2.0.
NOTE: Pussycat-o ALWAYS faces the same direction no matter which door you walk through, so try not to get confused.


This was a good game.

I'm hoping the full version will be here soon.

At First..

At first I thought this was another junky cartoon/game that infests newgrounds. But after you start playing, it gets interesting. So good job.

I hope my first flash is that good

Really good for your first! That blows some of the flash vetran's movies away! One thing to suggest, the drug humor was a little risky because it alienated some of the younger audiences, and it wasn't crucial to the plot. Aside from that it would be entertaining to ages 10-25.

Your first?

Maybe I'm a little biased in its favor because I like adventure/puzzle games so much, but that was damn good for only being your first Flash project. I'm looking forward to version 2.0! We need more good adventure games to balance out all the shooter/dress-up shit on the portal, and with a little more practice at using Flash this could kick some serious ass.

Okay, but buggy

This is cool for a start... I used to do this kind of stuff with hypercard when I was kid. Anyway, I noticed a couple of bugs... I had to do the Pornmag mission twice. Once I got the J, I clicked on the door to fast and when I kept clicking it, the J flew back to its spot on the ground frame by frame eah time I clicked the door, etc. Good first try through... although the ending wa disapointing :(


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2.96 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2001
1:48 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click