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This was just a quick, 4 hour jobby done out of boredom (and revision dodging).
Please enjoy. :)

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that was really, REALLY different........

but in a good way. Uh i don't really know how to write this review... it was an intresting flash. It was fun to watch the flash get put together piece by piece. I usually say something about the sound, {liked it didn't like it how you could improve} but since there was no sound it doesn't really matter..... the only real thing i could say is maybe a light bass sound or something. [maybe im just speculating] uh it wasn't meant to be funny but it kinda was... like i said the flash was really really werid {but funny} in a werid way.... but that was a cool flash best of luck in the future
4 out of 5

That was really lame.

-The humour was really weak
-The animation was poor
-The graphics were terrible (learn to cut out a fucking shape)
-The sound was low quality and barely hearable
-No interactivity
-No violence
-The style sucks

Reverend-Ant responds:

-It was not intended to be funny
-The animation was just lines moving, I really don't know how that can be improved. :/
-The shapes are cut exactly to the photograph (learn to use your eyes)
-There was no sound, fucknut
-There was interactivity, a preloader and a replay button
-It was not intended to be violent
-You suck

Why don't you go get fucked by a rusty pole?


This be any more crappier.Yes actually.

Reverend-Ant responds:

" Flash by swyr_chrs:
- none -"

Thanks anyway though. :)

pointless work

it had nothing to it

Reverend-Ant responds:

If it had nothing to it, it wouldn't exist my friend. :)

Very nice

I like the way that was done

Reverend-Ant responds:

Thanks :)

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May 24, 2005
6:47 PM EDT
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