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DNA and you!

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Author Comments

EDIT: I seem to have not made this clear enough. I DID NOT WRITE THE SCRIPT! I had no part in it, so don't say I ripped people off.

I haven't even liked a legendary frog movie since 'Kerri's Big Invention'.


Well, I worked on this over about two days. Basically, my brother asked me if I could 'help' him with a project for school. Turns out he wanted me to do a flash movie for him, and it was due monday. This was friday night. Luckily, he and his friend had already wrote the script, so all that I hade to do was animate it.

Well, enjoy.

Notes: Yeah, I know the sound is bad quality, I already ordered a good quality mic. And the left guy (Scott) sounds like he has a stuffy nose, I know.

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Okay Here We Go

To previous users who have reviewed this, just because it looks like a spin-off of LegendaryFrog doesn't mean it is. Both are different on huge scales if you didn't notice. Now then my only complaints are the artwork, animation, and sound. First off your artwork was lacking, not much there to tell the truth, you probably could've done a lot better. Second was the animation, it was a bit lazy when it came to characters and the lips on your characters hardly matched what they were saying from time to time... your moving DNA structure was awesome though. Last but not least the sound quality was bad... no it sucked from beginning to end. Now then the script wasn't bad, everything was explained and detailed in a very nice way, but to tell the truth it wasn't as entertaining as I expected it to be and was a bit confusing, I didn't know if I was watching an Educational movie about DNA or Radioactive Materials. You need serious work on your flash making skills.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Story
*Okay Artwork

|| Bad Points ||
*Bad Sound
*Bad Animation

Good, but...

This was a good movie, but as many other rewievers I noticed something: its far to much like something by legendary frog. I forgive you (after all, you didn´t write it) but you shouldn´t have submitted it on Newgrounds. It was ment as a schoolwork (by the way, how come your brother didnt do it himself?), right? Now go slay your brother for using you as a slave to do his schoolwork and for copying someone elses work.

not bad karmal dragon

wow ok it was kinda funny, and the art was ok but everyone talked painfully slow and as has been said it sounded an aweful lot like legendary frog but... i liked it... it a little, i dont know call me the paula abdule of newgrounds...keep it up

not great but not bad

the Legendary Frog spin-off was not very well made, though, and the sound quality was pretty bad.

Not Bad

well i like it the vioce should have a little more feeling and try to learn drawing the other aspects of things to make them better but its good i like the little details like the dna moved and the lip sync