Spider-Man Animated Short

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Spider-Man was created in 2000 as a portfolio piece, two years prior to the release of the live action film. Keep in mind that Flash cartoons designed for the web in 2000 needed to have small file sizes. Thus the limited character animation. Spider-Man is just over half a megabyte.

You can see some examples of my fuller traditional animation at my website www.colbybluth.com.



This was done well, i'll give it that... but like bad sex it went no where, fast. and ended too quickly...

wow that was shit


wheres the web on his face?

Considering the fact that you have a great knowledge of how to draw, make great graphics, the animation was very loose, and cheap, if you must. If your making a tradtional style and then transferring to flash, you should make the most of it and not send 'junk.' Of course this is my opinion, but I have to say there is alot more other stuff that could be put on this front page, instead of this..... If those buildings were your own work and not getting an image off of google, then 'bitmap tracing it' then your use of art is great, just learn to animate better!

Well... I give you 5 because I know you've tried

I see you've tried, but...
I have nothing against Spiderman and i loved the Spiderman movie. But this kinda sucked. I mean, I got the meaning and I think I know how did you wanted it to be.

One tip: improve the movement of the characters. Maybe they could look like more realistic. So, good luck! :)

not bad... but...

The drawings of the characters were all good and werent that bad... but all you basically did was get the pictures in the same position, and moved em around... it was all basically 2 dimensional... U could have done more work on it...

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May 24, 2005
1:30 PM EDT