Simon's Quest For Relief

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Simon has got the worst case of the runs ever. Will he find a toilet in time or will he shit senselessly in the
middle of no where

Storyline By-Paul Szymanski
Animated By- Dan Szymanski
Media From- Konami


Absolutley hilarious

That was so damn funny. I got this game the day it came out when I was but a wee lad and any spoof about it will make me laugh. But this was just hilarious, I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Thanks for making this.

i think he could've handled the situation better.

why didn't he just squat over the edge? i wouldn't wanna be swimming in my own crap. but i love the old-school graphics and music.

an altercation with those creatures would've been cool.

but i like it.

hey good movie real funny

i read the reviews and i came across an angry candian fuck that sick idiot talkin about fuck america and afghanistan fuck poor sorry ass you should never say who cares about what happend on the 11th of september 2001 hes just a dick if ya dont like america then go to hell you sick bitchs

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goddammit, i feel old watching this and i'm only 24, i remember when this came out, ah better days.... better days.

nicely done...

... i never thought that i'd ever see castlevania sell out to Pepto...ha!!!

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3.35 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2001
11:23 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody