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Thanks for front page!! ^^
I shall try to make more in the not too distant future. I AM reading the reviews and will consider some suggestions for improvement.
And yes, this is BASED on a true story. I once played a game of Final Fantasy and... stuff happened...
A short parody of a Final Fantasy Battle, You'll have to have played at least FF6 and 10 to understand this. There's also a bit of Dragon Ball Z parody in this.

I'm aware that there is no plot, please don't point that out. Well whatever, enjoy! ^^;


i liked that kamehameha

and how that dbz carachter fighted...hahah

I don't know.

This isn't one of those animations that grabbed me. I am a final fantasy fan (a huge one) I recognized all of the FF music you put in this animation and what not *LOL*. I can't help but think this was kinda a waste to watch however. Putting a DBZ charicter in FF is sorta over done... In fact Incorperating DBZ in anything now adays is kinda over done for flash *LOL* Still, this one wasn't extreamly good. You could have done MUCH better then this. I hope next time you do. From what i see you've got a decent imagination =) use it.

matt-likes-swords responds:

Er... thanks I guess... this really was just a mess about, to see if I could mock an FF battle. I never even expected to finish it...

I don't see how this is based on a true story

Seemed more like a random battle that, other than the ATB gauges and spell names, didn't really trip my trigger as seeing this as Final Fantasy related whatsoever.


ummm ok as a FF fan a can say that was good but why was there a guy from DBZ there thats what throw me off the most...and it wold have been nice if we got some kind of story ofwhy they were even fighting....but all in all it as good


I didn't really understand the whole "feeling" of the movie because I've never played a FF game EVER, but it was still alright. Oh and the following statment is coming from the DBZ geek inside of me: The Kamahameha is blue. Just wanted to point that out :-)

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May 22, 2005
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