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Showdown #1

rated 1.69 / 5 stars
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May 22, 2005 | 3:14 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Not front page stuff, but I hate Dr. Eggman so I decided to kill him. Song is "I'm not Ok" by My chemical Romance, thanks to and



Rated 4 / 5 stars

my only real complaint is timing...

it could had afforded to be much longer. other than that, it was done relatively well. great music choice by the way.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Did I like it?

First of all, don't pick sprites of different size, it's style clash, and style clash = doom. You've picked the sprites from, more or less, the same bit rate, that's already something - but they're from different games, so that's style clash no. 2. You should've pick sprites of the same size, so it wouldn't look totally crap. Absolutely no style. No violence, Eggman's sprite isn't even whitening out when he's hit. No interactivity - well, that's except from the 'Play' button. No humor, more of some sort of 'LOL at Eggman's broken back' stuff. The sound is alright, but next time - bother getting a real song, instead of a 28k web-intended edit.
Hope you'll try to improve with this sort of things.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

you're not okay...

you wearing me out and this flash sucked


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I...I..m not gonna cry "starts crieng"

...........well I'm a very nice person but for your information eggman is my master >:( you meany........ your lucky I'm nice so you get a 10 ^_^ but if your make another flash of eggman dieng "gets millions of bombs out" I fuckin mean it MOTHER*********


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Lol, but im laughing at you!

OMG i luv sprites but only if they are put together really, really well in a good movie. This was a disgrace... every time someone watches this movie, im sure a brave spriter whom cuts and pastes these sprites from thier little illegal roms dies! The fight was dull, and even if everything was perfect (sound, sprites) this would still suck! The action is single sided Zero just pwnz ass in this. I well kinda like Zero but that has nothing to do with this. This isnt an action flash, this is one-sided crap of poor animation and work. You should be ashamed. Never publish a flash again unless you can prove its nething better than this crap. The only reason why I gave the sound a high score is nothing to do with you, its the BGM "im not okay" from my favorite band. The score would have been a 10 but the sound in your movie suked, and u didnt have time to fit the whole sweet awesomeness of that great song in! the violence suked just as the action. Woa the guy gut sliced with a sword and just flew back. Ive seen the same "violence" when my little sister was watching cartoons. No humor watsoever and ur small joke at the end "Dr. Robotnik or Eggman or whatever his name was..." sounds like some lame ass joke a fat kid comes up with. This is one of the crapiest craps of all time. I know there is a lot worse out there, but most of those flashes worse than yours are bad on purpose or made by a mentally retarded person. I HATE THIS! I looked up My Chemical Romance hoping to get some flash music videos like System Of A Down has all over, and It came up with this. MAY GOD STRIKE YOU DOWN!!!

P.S: Sorry for being mean, just this flash suks!
P.S.S:Speaking of System of a Down music videos, i havent seen any for My Chemical Romance, me personally cant make flash so Im hoping some loyal fan will make one :)

Now the fat lady has sang, its all over...