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Wrath - Overkill

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When you've played this, go play Wrath II ( http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=52666 ) it kicks shit out of this...

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Bascially Wrath but with more mass genocide.

Although another "massacre" type game, it was pretty satisfying to watch. It reminds me of a game that came out much later than this where God gets mad and kills a crap ton of people. The lightning aiming was pretty neat.

I'd add a kill counter if I were you.

Very nice

So this was actually a fun game here I like the interactivity here and while it was fun maybe some added bloodshed on this like blood splatter it was a good time waster type of game though anyways fun game here very entertaining and I had fun with it so nice job here.

while it was fun maybe some added bloodshed on this like blood splatter


I admit that I wasn't too impressed by this. It actually was still pretty playable! I guess it's because it's easy to enjoy killing everyone. Yeah, I'm God! I love the lightning. Your later games are better.

It seems like we never made a section for game series. There should have been one for this. I really wished there was sound. You get better later of course! Oh, this was your debut.


guy below u dont belive in god

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3.52 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2001
4:37 PM EDT