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Tied up and imprisoned in a cold and lonely cell the desire for freedom gets stronger and stronger. The strength of will is there, but is it enough?

Sometimes the desire for freedom breaks the limits of what seems to be reality.


edit: removed audio to avoid licensing issues

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I found this to be truly unique! While you have the same tone, it's like there's a different animation style here. I always love people who can do that. I guess a lot of us can associate with this. A lot of us feel trapped. I just liked how psychological it was.

It's ambiguous as to what is real and what isn't. That's always impressive. The artwork was quite nice. The music fit really well. It's just a great ambitious cartoon.


I really like this vid because it is saying that in our mind we can escape the world that we live in today, with all the war and prejudice.


Poor guy. He only had one eye, and lived in a cell all strapped up. I liked the idea. If I was locked up, I'd kick the wall down with my super strength then fly onto a boat and sail to France. We always have those kind of daydreams. The train bit was almost identical to a scene in the League Of Gentlemen, which I'm thinking you might possibly have seen


I really loved this flash, from the start to the end. The music made me forget the real world and just pay attention to what was happening with that guy, who had enough to make me cheer for him.
The ending, I`m not sure why, was really sad for me. I don`t know if it`s because of everything is happening with me this year, but really made me cry. I`m writting this with tears in my face... Keep the good work!

Who knows?

Maybe we're all just in a crazy sedated dream! Good job, and cool theme!