FlashTrek: Broken Mirror

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A Star Trek based arcade/strategy game. Select a race, engage in commerce, combat, and exploration, buy and sell ships, weapons and technology, colonize planets and build stations to create an empire (or help another empire grow). Visit vexxiang.com for the full game manual, plug-ins, and updates of any bugs that arise. Special thanks to the dozens of beta testers who have been tirelessly testing this game for nearly a year.

May lag on slower computers. (UPDATED 5/24)



Okay, I'm having some problems.
1: I can't build a base
2: I can't find that away team training place you were talking about
3: I can't build up my respect to buy a better ship
4: Where can you buy just weapons for your ship?
5: Can I bring my fleet with me somehow?

Help me out here please.

vex-xiang responds:

1: You need to buy deuranium, then buy a station plan, and you can build in any inhabited system.
2: The Vulcan and Delpin systems are known for their education programs.
3: Go on AT missions to gain prestige, or build stations in their systems, or help defend against enemy attacks in their system.
4: Anywhere! Stations usually sell weapons, and the Teposians in particular are weapons dealers.
5: Yes. Hitting 1 will order your fleet to follow you. Or, use the fleet control panel to assign orders to ships individually.


this game was great but i had a problem. someone else had mentioned this game crashed when they tryed to add ships to their fleet and that happened to me too. the first time it was fine but when i tried again it just crashed and i got a msg saying something like "this script is causing IE to run slowly would you like to end it? and when i clicked yes the game went haywire and when i clicked no i got the same message 30 secs later. it could be a problem only relating to how you have it on the web since you prbly have it downloaded so you wouldnt get a msg like that.

Now with that out of the way I hope you live long and prosper so you make more great games. this is by far the best non-shoot-em-up game on NG.

vex-xiang responds:

Just restart...not to worry your game is saved. There are still a FEW lingering bugs, but almost all of them have been stamped out, and I'll be updating it with new versions on my website. So far buying ships hasn't caused a crash for me.

Nice concept

I guess there is a cap to the number of sations we can build because i could not build anything more anywhere once i finished my primary base (with a lot of stations) and secondary (supporting my ally) my base was never attacked. i colonized 3 planets.
Fun game, give us a bit more info.. or make them more obvious.. such as station cap.
It goes to my fav.
the trading part is fun at the beggining
add a shortcut to see the button functions without getting out of the game.

vex-xiang responds:

Adding a feature to see button functions is a good idea. There is no cap on the number of stations you can build, its unlimited.


*...huh?* sorry i was asleep during on this game, so here it is 2/5.

vex-xiang responds:

Funny :)

not me

this seemed like a really awesome game but honestly is not my kind of game. Its hard to play if your like me and dont like reading directions too much. Im not saying its a bad game im just saying that i persally dont like cause of it being a little too confusing for me.

vex-xiang responds:

I think its a great compliment when someone doesn't like a game, but also thinks its really good! Not every game is for everyone. I am working on my next game, which will be a full RTS game with familiar controls. Learning the hotkeys in BM does make it easier to play, but again there's a learning curve there. I hope you give my next game a look, as the gameplay should be far more familiar.

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4.30 / 5.00

May 21, 2005
3:54 PM EDT
Strategy - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place May 22, 2005