FlashTrek: Broken Mirror

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A Star Trek based arcade/strategy game. Select a race, engage in commerce, combat, and exploration, buy and sell ships, weapons and technology, colonize planets and build stations to create an empire (or help another empire grow). Visit vexxiang.com for the full game manual, plug-ins, and updates of any bugs that arise. Special thanks to the dozens of beta testers who have been tirelessly testing this game for nearly a year.

May lag on slower computers. (UPDATED 5/24)


You.. must be a Star Trek fan. XD

Heh, I never really got into the series myself, but you seem to be quite a fan. Very intricate game. Its largest flaw would be that it might be too intricate for flash. You've a lot of potential, but sometimes that has a habit to overreach its medium; in this case, flash.
Keep working at it though. I may not be the biggest Star Trek fan out there, but this is far better than all the official Trek games that came out on actual platforms.
Again, let me reiterate once more, very deep and intricate, and that's the sort of thing fans really like.

vex-xiang responds:

I'm discovering a lot that Flash can do...trying to push it to its limits is challenging and entertaining at the same time!

great game

very indepth, takes a while to get p there though

Good job.

A very creative game, but it remindes me too much of star craft, for some reason...

Good job, none the less!

oh crap another everquest

this is great but its kinda hard to understand how to play but you'll get it


im doing trade missions and i cant figure out how to do the second part. i got the crap im my cargo hold then when i get to the planet there is no way to drop the crap off and get my cash, IM SOOO CONFUSED

Note: i already hunted around on the fourm for a how to... no luck

vex-xiang responds:

Check out the instructions in the Flash game itself. Fly to a planet and click the Transport button when you have cargo destined for it.

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4.30 / 5.00

May 21, 2005
3:54 PM EDT
Strategy - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place May 22, 2005