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Hey, Aldarn here. This is the latest version of the game, and theres been a crap load of updates. The blue ball has now been replaced with a creature known as "Xion", anyway theres more info in the game. Theres also powerups, working hit detection, some tweeks to the game style and loads of other stuff. If you played this version before, you should read the instructions again anyway. If you find that the quality of your game changes during play (or is always set on MEDIUM), this is because the game lowers the quality if your FPS is too low, to try and give you better gameplay. Anyway, enough talk, enjoy!

P.S. I guess highscores are refusing to work... its so stupid, they work offline and on my site, but not on NG. I'll have to look into that, sorry!

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this rocks!

definitely your best game so far! great fun. can't think of much to improve. the movement is a little sensitive. maybe different levels for added replayability (although insane will probably keep u goin for a while lol.

Aldarnc responds:

LOL 'super insane', good idea XD!

Ehhh yea im gonna limit it so when you get like... above speed 30 it stops because then its way too high.

The next version is improved quite alot ;).

me agen

ive voted on your old version and this is so much better vet version 1 should include

a. animals for the enemies
b. remove the circle in the main animal
c. teh background should be grassy like

you're getting better and heres another 5 for ou :)

Aldarnc responds:

Thanx :). I am currently working on animals for enemies... but i think it will just stay as the red/green bubbles. I can't remove the bubble around your animal because the hit detection is based on a circle, so removing the bubble would destroy the system. I have added a background in the latest version, so stay tuned for that.

It's all right

The graphics were pretty simple, but they did what they needed to do. Some spiffier graphics might spiff the game up a bit.

It's a pretty common theme (wander around the board eating stuff and getting larger, avoid the bad stuff) with a few little twists added in. Not too original, but not completely ripped off of someone else either.

The music was a bit annoying for some reason. I think I just didn't like the music. The sounds were all right.

Violence? Since there's no real detail in the conflict, I couldn't really rate on Violence.

It's pretty interactive, but it's pretty basic interaction.

No humor that I could detect.

Overall it's pretty ok, but I got tired of it kind of quick. One suggestion I would make is when the "GOD MODE" bar is on, perhaps the red bar should be decreasing instead of increasing - it makes it look like you're building up to god mode, and you'll have god mode once it reaches the top.

Aldarnc responds:

Yea i realised about the god mode thing after i released the game, ive changed that now. Ive also added a selection of music for you to choose from. Im currently trying to get the graphics increased, though any more strain on the game may slow it down too much.


after having tried insane mode i found myself up against at least ten red balls roaming the area Now i know insane is supposed tp be hard but not impossible! otherwise good game congrats

Aldarnc responds:

Thanx :). Well actually i designed insane to be almost impossible lol, it is possible though.


nice, simple and funny;)

Aldarnc responds:

Thanx :).

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

May 21, 2005
3:50 PM EDT
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