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No real plot here, just randomness. A red stick-dude attempts to eat a strange floating dot. Comedy ensues.

I made this cartoon a year or so ago and recently re-vamped a couple of scenes that were kind of lagging it down, and made the whole thing sound better overall. Hope you like it.

"Why is it so sketchy and simple?"
My intention when I made this was just to find out how long a cartoon I could make frame by frame if I kept the frames simple. The rules I set for myself were that I would only use the default paintbrush size, and do it all in one color (which happened to be red). I managed to make almost 600 frames in one 2 hour sitting - that ain't bad.

Once I was done, I was suprised at how entertaining people I showed it to thought it was. "But it needs sound, and some music," was really all they said. So I spent several hours editing the music (The Joe Pesci version of the Beatles hit, "Got To Get You Into My Life"), several more hours finding or recording sound effects, and then put the whole thing together.

I submitted it to Newgrounds, and it was blammed. I've had 3 movies total blammed, two of which definitely deserved blammage - but this one I thought was really good, so it's always bothered me that it was blammed.

So I recently re-did a couple of the scenes, because I have to admit, they were a bit laggy, which was annoying... I also re-vamped the audio slightly, to make it sound better. And lastly, I added my new version of the Newgrounds Preloader. If you click the little dude in the tank, the gun fires.

And what do you know - It passed the portal submission this time! Vindicated! I feel much better now.

Thanks for reading the description... Hope you enjoyed watching my random randomness.



SOOOOO nice the idea is good but the animation can be better


That was amazing...
Short and simple, but unique and amusing...

Keep making awesome flashes man...


It was wired, but it went on a bit.

I get it!

It`s like the red dot is the maternal representation of the true meaning of life- and through us trying to eat it, we never truely will be able to decipher what it`s trying to reveal through the ages.

Or it could just be random, and I could be well past tired. =P

No really, I only tonight discovere you through the now of insomnia, and though your work seems to thoroughly freak me out, I must respect it. It truey is random- but just plain fun =) I`d keep looking but I got ot hit the hay.

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I love this type of humor ^^
It's really simple, but it's definitly worth the watch!

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May 21, 2005
12:28 PM EDT
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