GAEL-- Harry Potter

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Find out how a single, simple mistake could lead our hero, Harry, into the perverse depths of Adult Entertainment.


Pretty good, but it needs work

The big problem is that it does get sort of the same for the next few sentences. Still, good Flash though!


I've read all this before, someone put it up on bash a while back. All you did was take the audio and put a terrible, terrible video to it. You shouldn't take any credit for the creativity or humor behind it.

magicsalt responds:

You didn't like the animation, ok, fair enough, that's fine. The sound and animation is all mine, so say what you will about those, but NOTICE the CREDITS part of the thing. Credits are the part in a movie where you give Credit to whomever did specific things. For example, in THIS particular flash I (say it with me here) CREDITED the guy who posted the original joke on Bash.org not once, but TWICE!! I also (once again with me, say) CREDITED the Brecker brothers with the specific song that I used. I did CREDIT (there's that word again) myself with the things I did. The whole problem of comedy and folks with poor senses of humor is that a joke is only funny once or twice and after that people start forgeting to pay attention. "yea , yea, I heard that one before!" I expect you heard this one a few times and I CREDIT your forgetfulness, too. Next time, get all your facts straight before pointing fingers, ok? Good... Thank you, drive through!


this was amazing, its funny how somthing so dumb can change the way you look at things. i look foward to seeing your work in the future. consider doing the same thing, as a series, with other movies and books. good job

this is fucking hilarious

you have to watch this. It's the utter childishness is stupid yet satisfying.


started funny, but by the end the sentences you were trying to change werent even in the book, could have been much better, nice concept though

magicsalt responds:

There were some phrases borrowed from books 3 and 5 as well, even though I only mentioned the first one in the introduction... Nice catch!!

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May 21, 2005
10:58 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody