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Dancing Clay

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Author Comments

This is an extreamly old movie I made. I decided to submit it to Newgrounds just so I can see how good it would do.

Inspired by GAMECUBICLE'S Clay Man Loves To Dance

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Not Bad Claymation

As I promised I would be easy and I am as you can see. It wasn't that long or anything, I guess you can say it was short and sweet, that is at least the terms that I will be using I guess. The frame per second rate and animation was really good, so I really enjoyed that. You had good ideas for this movie and you used them all making the movie really good.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you were easy on me. Thanks for the good review!

I love claymation movies.

And this was a good claymation movie. I always wented to make one. Good Job! :)

Deadly-Shadow responds:

If you want to make a claymation I suggest you do, there a lot of fun! Thanks =D

Better than the second one

Nice tricks and ideas....couldn't follow some parts but thats ok..

Deadly-Shadow responds:

I would have to say the first is a lot better.

Nice, but two things...

Yeha, it was pretty cool and trippy, but the light kinda spoiled the whole animation, and ddude, you're gonna wreck your table! lol, nice claymation.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

That table is from when my older sister was four if it breaks no one will care. Its just a toy table. About the lights that was an accident.

that was cool

i liked it, but next time you should shut your windows and find a more stable light source, and one other thing, the framerate could use a little work, other than that, I would assume that this is what some of knox's early work looked like. Very cool, I'm looking forward to see another submission from you in the future.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Ya, I hated what happend to the lights but oh well.