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StarTrekkin Encore!

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I know I know, it was submited already, BUT! I have been recieving email saying that ppl cant find it. So I am submiting it again so these ppl can view it. Those of you who sent me emails, here it is, just for you. Also, this movie was #2 in the daily top 5 on saturday july 7th 2002.


That was... interesting... I guess.

I... liked it. Not everyday you come across a good Star Trek Flash. Catchy song, and that Captain Kirk's one funny bastard. Totally 5/5.


But... ERROR! You make an ERROR!

"Star Trekkin'" was a song written and preformed by The Firm, not Dr. Demento.

Other then that, great flash!


More Star Trekkin

This is some good stuff. The Star Trekkin' song is a classic and you have done a great job of putting it into this flash. Some of my favorites in this film were:
1. The sceen which went with the lines "Engine room, warp factor 9"
(Scotty's face Lol)
2. "...Under Captain Kirk."
(Interesting way of interpreting those lines. Weird though)
Over all this is just a great flash movie. I'm going to go make all my friends watch this.

I never know what to put here.

That was bloody great John. I loved the song; the graphics and style of the Flash worked really well with this. Even though it was repetitive, it didn't get old, and has quite a bit of replay value.
My only complaint was the intro, as I think it's rather unnecessary. It doesn't really fit in with the rest of the movie. Apart from that though, keep up the good work.

It's good!

It's realy good! Have you ever thought of making more? You shuld. Keep it up man. I like it!

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3.87 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2001
9:32 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody