StarTrekkin Encore!

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I know I know, it was submited already, BUT! I have been recieving email saying that ppl cant find it. So I am submiting it again so these ppl can view it. Those of you who sent me emails, here it is, just for you. Also, this movie was #2 in the daily top 5 on saturday july 7th 2002.


I love that song!

I've been waiting for someone to make a Flash cartoon of this one! I love the 3D graphics in it and the music, and that little bit with the aliens. The one problem I have with it is that brief nude scene; I know a lot of kids who love to see this cartoon, and that one scene ruins it for them. I understand the whole "serving under captain kirk" thing, but the nudity was really pointless and out of place. You wouldn't happen to have another version of this without the nude scene, would you?

Oh, and that Moby song is awesome at the end! Anyway, nice job!

Hmmmmm . . .

I didn't understand a couple things, like the whole nudity with Kirk and that one chick. That realy REALLY felt out of place. And the whole thing with the aliens at the beginning was blah. The movie was kinda boring. A shame that Uhuru doesn't sound like Cartman. And I really don't know why you had to make the window so big.

HackerZC responds:

If you were listiing to the song it says "surving under capt. kirk", GET IT? Unders kirk. Man you are a slow one. The alien thing was just something I used to setup the whole think. When you firs see them you are like "WTF, I thought this was about star trek", then the real movie starts. Boring? Well you seem to be the only one that thinks so. And what the hell are you talking about Uhuru NOT sounding like Cartmen? Is she suposed to sound like cartmen? I think not. You seem to hate the best parts of the movie. Do you have some sort of brain chemical imbalance, cause I can reccoment some one to help you with that?

This was Cool

De music was funny,
the animations were cool,
and it's just a brilliant portal entry
keep up the great work

good job

I thought this movie was okay besides the repetitiveness

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Oh man, that was some of the best shit I've ever seen on Newgrounds, seen it two times now!
Flashed MRG was right, the skeleton was cool, but I also liked Captain Kirk screwing around with some chick, that was friggin' funny!
Good music too!
Make some more Star Trek parody's!

Thx, you made a bad day turn good!

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Jul 8, 2001
9:32 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody