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The Jedi Song

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**UPDATE** Lots of people have asked if there's an MP3 for download - you can find it at http://jedi.stodge.org or click on Rob's name at the top left of your page.

I was doing a student radio show with my buddies a few years ago and I would go up to London every weekend to write, record and edit stuff, and kip on the floor in Wandsworth. One Saturday morning my friend (Mark, who did the voice for the Pygmy Shrew) came up with the riff. Somebody wrote some words and we recorded a version of the jedi song the next day.

It was supposed to be a crappy recruitment video - you think jedi knights do all this cool stuff all the time, when actually they just sit around singing la la lalala laa.

The old version was a bit slow and lame so a while ago another friend (Rob, who did the music for all my other animations) recorded a much better quality version and played all the intruments.

The main reason for this animation is to get the song out there and heard. I think Rob's stuff is fantastic, he's a great musician and very talented dude.

I made this in the last few days, as I have a full time job - I had to work late into the night a few times to finish it in time, so there's some intentionally crappy animations in there. Wish I'd had time to do a bit more - a few people have remarked on the lip-synch. The way I did this was take a video of myself on a small digi-camera, then import it into Flash and trace over it every couple of frames.

Anyway hope you like it...



That was brilliant best song flash ive ever seen great animation


that was the best music video and song i've seen for ages.

The force is with this!!!

This Rocks!!!! It makes you wanna sing allong!!! La la la laaaaaaa!!!

loved it

la la lalala la la la laaaaa is the best. oh well i likedm i hate 'reviews' so ttfn.


Please read title.

P.S. It did get a bit sidetracked, especially with that whole rock thing....was rock even invented back then?

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4.24 / 5.00

May 20, 2005
7:23 PM EDT
Music Video