The Shopkeeper

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Mr Gil Clock begins his day looking for a tin of frozen peas, in his cornershop in Clocktopia. He takes hours to find them and because of this, he chooses to take his frustration out on members of the public who enter his shop.
Later on Mr Gil Clock finds himself to be in trouble with Strawberry lock and he is obliged to take action!
This was meant to be a Short-Animation, but I got gripped into making it longer!
I hope you enjoy, thanks


I watched this monthes ago

I really like this. Plus, the Pube Muppet rant was hilarious.


this was sooo hilarious!! i was almost literally dieing from laughter. and the hiccups. and i only get the hiccups when i see something really really funny

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MrGilClock responds:

HAhaha i'm glad you enjoyed it. i'm sorry for the average graphics i did not spend enuf time on them.
"The Voyage" will be coming out soon. It is a movie im working on, it'll be better and hopefully funnier than this.

~Mr Gil Clock


LOVE THAT! im giving u a five ; )

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MrGilClock responds:

Thanks mate, positive feedback at last. Look forward to seeing some of your movies so I can vote 5! Thanks again
Mr Gil Clock


I think if I wasnt drunk right now this would have been stopped within the first minute. But I actually started to enjoy it. I still think the 2 clocks should have started smoking the weed and got baked at the end. That would definitely up the score. Was definitely too long. But what the hell, it did in fact get me to laugh.

MrGilClock responds:

Yer that was an idea i admit. I shudnt have made the movie go on for the length that it did. But thanks for thwe advise, I will consider next time!

stupid retarded bad movie

i cant even describe the hate i have for this movie its worse than sticks this doesnt deserve to be thrown in the dumpster i think im gonna burn my computer now

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MrGilClock responds:

Go ahead burn your computer it will simply do urself a favour because you probably suck on it anyway! FAG!

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2.58 / 5.00

May 20, 2005
11:50 AM EDT
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