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story of a loser

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May 20, 2005 | 6:24 AM EDT

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This is a story about a boy on his first day of high school. its like an animated message. popular people try and be cool be being like everyone else, and all ths make them ordinary and like losers, whereas people like the loser in this story are really normal people who have feelings and need to be loved just as much as everyone else. i hope you enjoy it!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


this greatly affected my way of living, I was once being bullied at school but now..I am everyone's friend:)

thank you for sharing this!


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no simple way to explain

i loved it especially becuz i see kids treated like this everyday. but who can claim to honestly be themselves without outside influence without being a hypocrit? i mean in reality kids dont (usually) get punched just for dressing differently. but the hazing and bullying is pretty damn accurate. and no this story doesnt need an ending. this is usually how highschool is for the kid who really stands up for what he believes in and stands out. reality is cold. on a more positive note. this video was touching and i hope next time i see someone getting picked on ill have the guts to stand up for him too.

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not bad

great lesson but the movie only showed the negative outcomes


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story half told

the story is too true but not finished.. i must say i was once the outsider that people tried picking on.... i just avoided people as much as i could.. until i said to my self: "no more!"
i didn't give in to peer pressure.. i didn't turn out to be a jerk.. i kept my way of life and my way of thinking... almost..
the only thing is i didn't let them get to me.. and i admit it was hard.. but now im actually kinda popular..... and i still try helping people when i see them sad or bullied...
don't give up and don't forget this situation ^_^

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not possible

at the end where he gets up from the punch there is no way that much damage would have happened