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story of a loser

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This is a story about a boy on his first day of high school. its like an animated message. popular people try and be cool be being like everyone else, and all ths make them ordinary and like losers, whereas people like the loser in this story are really normal people who have feelings and need to be loved just as much as everyone else. i hope you enjoy it!



indeed, i know this, and i have seen stuff like this before (even sometimes by myself) and i really appreciate this Flash!

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Good message but the animation needs more

though I admit being moved by this flash, the animation needs more improvement. but this is good though, nice flash. I can relate... a little.

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brought me to tears

no lie this is like my life all the time i noticed the fact that its about everyone being the same and that you are who yourself 10 out of 10

I can relate

This reminds me heavily of my first day at high school, with a lack of bald nerds. I got bullied because i didn't know anyone because I moved interstate and knew no-one before-hand, and all of those things besides the bin actually happened to me. It took months of sitting by myself in all my classes before one of the "popular" dudes started talking to me and he ditched his friends and started hanging out with me and we've been good friends ever since.

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Reminds me of my Emelentry School ,were i was In.

I was Causally the most Bullied one in the school.The other girl would care or not.But still im in Middle School,And high school would get me bullied again.I'm much different thank others.I might have Autism or anything else but i draw great.I'll wait till i see.

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May 20, 2005
6:24 AM EDT