Do Us Part

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Wow! Front page! What an honor, thanks NG!

Thanks for all of the great reviews everyone! You're really encouraging me to submit more stuff to Newgrounds, and I look forward to your comments.

This was my first full Flash movie, all visual and audio (minus the music) are original.

Note: "Do Us Part" refers to the phrase "Till death do us part." Hope that clears things up for some.



That was the most emotional video i have ever seen it brought me to tears keep up the good work

wow that realy touched me

i loved it, i can realate to that because my g/f tryed to kill herself before i started seeing her, and i stoped her. this is the first time ive watched any kind of video and cryed, so its amasing to me.


This is one of the few flash pieces that made me think. To the last person who said that "bitch deserves to die", that was really cold and ignorant. My sister felt depressed and decided to end her life. That was only a few days ago. Miraculously, she survived. This flash reminds me of her.

Thank you for making this flash. It moved me personally.


man if this is about you or someone you know im sorry geez this movie made me almost cry it was really good with a deep message. but i dont understand the razorblade and how it didnt work and like i said earlier if its somebody you know or you im sorry


dude theres nothing magical about dying your brain stops working and you stop thinking and feeling things thats it.

Making the girl kill herself because her husband dies seems to me like you don't have much regard for females at all, and only think they exist to be slaves to males.

well you are right and that bitch should of killed herself because now that her husbands dead she has no purpose in life, other then to lie on the ground crying like a little bitch.

i salute you good sir.

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4.44 / 5.00

May 19, 2005
2:17 PM EDT