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Do Us Part

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Author Comments

Wow! Front page! What an honor, thanks NG!

Thanks for all of the great reviews everyone! You're really encouraging me to submit more stuff to Newgrounds, and I look forward to your comments.

This was my first full Flash movie, all visual and audio (minus the music) are original.

Note: "Do Us Part" refers to the phrase "Till death do us part." Hope that clears things up for some.


It was good. good job?

Ok all i need to say is i like it and your flash looks good job.
its good to see now people in NG so if you git a bit of a$$'s it's just sum all the people on NG r a$$'s to the now people and thay thank that if thay make fun of you that thar sum sort of a god will thar not and what thay say is sh1t so be hapy with your flash and hope to see your flashis on NG. PS the people that say make it funny or all 10- and dont now what is good lol your 1 of the week and its not a funny film just now that..

im touched

its amasing i cryed like an hour after i saw it

Well done

I know, everyone sais this, but it really touched me.
It's so sad, you know.
But all the reviews are so sad!
I'll tell you something: this is your first flash movie, right?
Well, it's just perfect!
I couldn't do it better myself.
Keep working on new movies!
Oh yeah, here's a little hint: for your next movie, try to make it a funny one. This one's good, but it's really hard to make a movie that really touches ppl. You may stand a better chance with a funny one. But I love it!

till death does us part

a much better animation, this was not emo, maybe if you tried to be orginal and not copy some body else.

I don't usually review movies... but....

... I dunno. I personally Love serious Flash's, and this was no different. I've spent time in a pediatric psychiatric ward, on two different occasions, for suicide attempts. I joke about it with my friends, because it keeps me sane about the situation, but I still have really deep feelings about it, and this brought them out. I guess anything about taking ones' life does. I know this doesn't relate to my situation all that much, and I know that 700 people have already said the same thing, but it really touched me. And, for anyone out there with depression, bipolar, mania, psychosis, schizophrenia, or whatever else, who is thinking about suicide or homide, consider this: If you try/do it, you will most likely end up where I was, in a psych ward. And it is complete hell. You're treated like a prison inmate, you have hours and hours of isolation a day, you have to deal with other kids with problems, and have to worry about their problems as much as your own. You'll make friends, and lose friends. When you spend nearly 18 hours a day with someone, you become close, fast. But eventually, something will probably happen to them. And it hurts, really bad. Mehr. I dunno. Just another reason taking someones life is a horrible thing. The psych ward drove a lot of kids to finish off the job that they started. And it scarred most of us, probably for life. Just consider all of that...

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Credits & Info

4.44 / 5.00

May 19, 2005
2:17 PM EDT