Do Us Part

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Wow! Front page! What an honor, thanks NG!

Thanks for all of the great reviews everyone! You're really encouraging me to submit more stuff to Newgrounds, and I look forward to your comments.

This was my first full Flash movie, all visual and audio (minus the music) are original.

Note: "Do Us Part" refers to the phrase "Till death do us part." Hope that clears things up for some.

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man, its been so long since i first saw this, and it still hits like a truck.

I've had some very dark thoughts recently. Similar to the main character in some regards. I'm glad to see she was safe in the end and I enjoyed it everything was perfect and precise

Sad, but beautiful.

I really liked it;;

I had tears trickling down my cheeks accompanied by pained, pathetic sobs of sorrow.

It was simple. It tugged my heartstrings so much that I can't stop crying.

While watching this I remembered my father, may God rest his soul and may he be with his beloved. It was almost the same, not the part where he thought of jumping to his death and the razor--though the pills...anyway the pain and sorrow was there and it took me a long time to get him back...but here, she no one anymore. Oh, how long would she suffer before she could move on...

Man, this brought up so many memories.

But...I have to say, you my friend, have a gift in conveying such strong emotions and detail without a word. You practically made people experience feeling without a word but through action alone. It had so many symbols that these symbols practically oozed intense feelings and thoughts.

I have to agree on one of the previous comments, that she did not die physically. She died spiritually and emotionally.

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4.51 / 5.00

May 19, 2005
2:17 PM EDT