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The Ricky Ray Show Ep. 1

May 19, 2005 –
November 4, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Fixed bio. Now reads as an animation and not a game.


It's great to see a flash cartoon based on a webcomic. It's such an obvious idea. Dang, every girl's nipples are so erect. Pull out the starch! Anyway, this wasn't great. I felt the gay porn joke went on a bit too long.

It still managed to be funny. I like how you introduce the story at first. I have never heard of this webcomic. The animation is pretty good. Man, are Uni's clothes skimpy.

Man I'm glad this series never became popular on here. I mean okay maybe 70k plus views but really it didnt live it down compared to the others.

that was crazy

It all started with the gay porn video...?!

Nice hope graphics emprove

i dontknow how to comment on this awesome buti give it a nine

haha gorman england

loved the class part! good animation keep it up

its not bad

its good but their is one part of the show that i do not understand but out of all that the show was good but not too my friend that was watching it

I like it.....

Nice work, I hope that the Professor isn't really like that in person. Demoralize you. LOL. But the humor needs a little tuning, and there's no action, so I gave it a 7. I couldn't give it a 6, because the animation is pretty good.

Kinda shocked

well i am 13 years old and i am black im kinda mad what you said but the rest was ok. i guess.

not bad

i hope the quality gets better as the show goes on


pretty fun except the load of the rings i think uni did that on purpose....espacialy for the second time lmao :P

good job!

nice job and keep up the good work

Good for a start.

Honestly, I wish I knew about this series earlier because now I have to watch them all.


Ok the guy below me seemed to like it but doesn't seem to know how to vote, he's worse than Uni :p Anyway Good flash... Good animation, good sound and it was quite funny and all that :)


dat woz kl, Uni iz hot doe lol

nice wrk


this is a very good movie....i liked it...uni rox

lol Amusing

I liked this lil flash bio thingy... um.. yeah ^_^

It was good

I loved it, it was a good animation. What really got me was the fact that the characters weren't the same as they were in their respected series. I mean seriously, chameleon using sub-zero's and scorpions stuff? :P


i just wanna know why do you have a beard in 1 2 and half of 3 and in half or 3, 4 5 u dont have one? and another error in episode 2 when u try to kik the door open at the insitute u dont have a beard, u walk in and u have one

Very nice

i really liked i thought it was a real godd flash


Wow that is fucking awesome! Have my babies


Are you fucking serious????


Two dumb sluts and a chic that drools the Atlantic talk her into dumping her boyfriend to become popular.



KAKUZ DOT COM RULEZ!!! trust me wink*wink* ITs got plenty of ( .Y. ) if ya no wat i mean!!!


This is funny. If this is the same teacher i had at that school, then it is awsome. It so reminded me of him. He totally acted like this. I liek the animation alot.


Just kidding nerd lol. It was good i enjoyed it nice work im anout to go see the 2nd one man i just thik you might need to work on the sound dats all fool.

SPIDEY 175 IS CRUNK BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this was funny

this was pretty good i mean its funnier than the second one but its still not as funny as the third but the whole series is still great good work make a fourth and a fact make a whole new series

Really good

the only things I gave a 0 were because they weren't in the movie.
this is awesome, Great movies.


just a side note... ricky ray is a quaterback for the eskimos... its early dont mind random comments

Needs work

Went WAY too far with the hobbit thing. You'r voice over timing needs pretty much work.

the animator guy

took a long time to talk. it got a little boreing but it was funny none the less. and the one movie scene was a little too much for me. and the end made me feel sorry for uni. it was done well.

and i came up with the solution that theres no god

tht rockd, evertybit
ur comic is mint 2 u rock rickyray

specially if tht uni person was based on a real person

cheers for tht amazin anim

awesome flash man.

lol nutbuster vodeo. >_<

WTF its the same as The Ricky Ray Show Cmt

what the point in makin it the same as the commentary version oh well great flash anyway


This must be set in friggen Alaska. that's the only thing that would explain why every womans nipple were showing and why every man's voice was high pitched and grating.


I Like the part with Michel Henderson he's cool. Is that true the story about the turtleand whats with load of the rings wierd over all I give it a 5 I liked it good work.

ray looks like the Gordon freeman from half life

the animation was really good, and the voice acting was solid. the part with the move was a bit disturbing though

My new favorite Series

I saw the first one a few months ago when you first submitted, and decided to read the comic. I was immediately hooked. I actually think that it is a good thing that your graphics aren't very professional looking, they look like the comic and the style is very fitting. The only thing I can suggest is the sound quality, it gets a bit inconsistent in some places. PLEASE, I repeat, PLEASE make more.


it was sort of boring.

<deleted> responds:

Dear "adrianbrooks"
Geeeee... how did you come up with that name? Anyways, you are what we in the animations biz call, "being a little bitch."
Thanks for watching,
-Ricky Ray.

i found it funny

haha i like the teacher.

Not that bad, not that good - it was... hmm... ok.

I thought that teacher's babbling would be funny, alas I was mistaken (could be that I'm tired after 12 hours of lectures, but who knows), and as far as I know subtitles never hurt anyone (if its not asking too much, consider adding some).
This flash was well done, but I got a feeling that you could have done much better. You didn't fully realize your potential ... or something.
Uni didn't look that Asian to me for some reason.
The abundance of nipples is another thing I wanted to make a comment about. I'm sure that it got you a point or two, but with exception of the day dreaming girl in the 101 animation class the rest of them just made this flash look cheaper.
Nonetheless good flash, I'll be waiting for more of your animations.

<deleted> responds:

I'm sorry that you didn't find the teacher funny but I have to hear this guy babble all day in real life so it for me was great. Hope you find the next one to be more funny.

Great story

Man, I think you and I had the same animation teacher. Or perhaps they're just ALL LIKE THAT! Anyway, great job, keep it up. Some parts needed moved along a little quicker. Like, um, the gay porn scene. (It lasted a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle too long if you ask me)
Good luck with the future ones!

Good work

Feels a little rough to me as an overall piece, but there are some really nice moments. I LOVED the teacher's rant I was laughing my ass off. The rest of it was ok, a little too choppy and disjointed and I got tired of that. I am looking forward to seeing where you go with this though!

<deleted> responds:

Well you out of all the newground members seemed to hate it the most but I'm not going to go off on you like most artist do. I see your point and I do hope to get better. Thank you.

It's a Comic Book

It IS very slow in parts, but it's a cohesive story that made me interested in how things turned out.


That was a little slow paced to tell you the truth, and you need to add some good jokes. The only funny bit was the "Load of the rings" part. Graphics weren't bad. Keep at it.

Quality toon

This is a great little piece you've submitted. I would say that there is no need to submit twice, as once this has passed judgement, (as it's sure to do) you could edit it then. Either that, or wait for the original one to get blammed and then re-submit the new, improved version.

It's some nice work and I want to see the next few episodes, before I'm raving about it.

great Job!!!!!

that was great man. I look forward to more of your work in the future!!!


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