Mario: Fishy Water

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This is a short Mario movie i made in between my main Metroid flash in 4 days. I got bored so i wanted to use more premade sprites. Unfortunately i started it with 12 fps so it's jumpy :(. So here it is! My second flash submited!

The first scene is a joke about those fish in SMW who keep chasing you, i allways thought they looked asthough they were trying to kiss mario XD

The second scene, well the dolphins are cool and that big fish is just... wierd. I just gave it a twist.

Please enjoy!

Programs used: Macromedia Flash MX 2004, paint, Adobe Photoshop 7, AnimGet, Zsnes and Audacity.



it was pretty original indeed though i've seen lots of these kind of movies before... music was good humor was somewhat good but overall i'm giving you a 5 (and i'm being nice :D)

ch33ks responds:

I'm glad it's original humor was mainly what this was about.


This was quite boring and very short but still original

ch33ks responds:

Boring... but original? Well thanks but sorry you got bored of it.

umm, wtf??

ok, first of all, that ass-kissing was, bleugh!! But still, It was a bit funny too

ch33ks responds:

It was supposed to be funny and that's about it :P


if i see one more mario sprite move i'm going to flip...

ch33ks responds:

:( hopefully you will prefer my Metroid movie i'm making. It's a lot better.

Not bad

You may want to ease off the sound effects a bit. Every Mario sprite flash seems to use the same five sound fx over and over again. The annoyance may bring your score down. Otherwise, solid skills.

ch33ks responds:

I just used the sounds that were needed. But i could have used SMW sounds. I thought it could have used more sound effects if any.

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Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

May 18, 2005
10:44 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody