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i slaped a dog w/ my dic

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FUCM YOU%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

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I didn't get that.

I think you had some pretty basic but..still visually appealing graphics, but at the same time...the game made no sense. I wasn't too sure what to do at first, but once I got the controls I realized you can control your invincible missile to attack whatever, and the controls were pretty messed up. Yeah.

My g-d

I'm sorry but no. This is just a cruddy knokoff of other games. Sorry.

Wasn't terrible

It actually was fun for the first 15 seconds, then it got repetitive and boring.

thats a real stupid game

there was no point in the game and it was real lame,try another topic next time,better luck to you in the future


It has a very simple basis for a plot, you are a big cannon and want to protect your planet from a small beam of some sorts from being destroyed. I can't say that I have not played a lot of different versions of this, since there are really countless amounts of these out there. There are so many similar to this - but sadly there is nothing that truly seperates this from any other game of this nature. The graphics were simple, and at times we did not get a fully shot of certain objects, while beams were kind of hard to make out exactly what they were. The controls were very easy to use, and it seemed at times that it was really impossible not to destroy an enemy beam since it was so easy. This looks like it has a lot of promise, feel free to hold off and add some origanilty to it - as some zest could make all the difference. Good luck.


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1.61 / 5.00

May 18, 2005
9:18 AM EDT