CBK episode II

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E-mail me if you'd like to voice act in episode III! natenation@gmail.com

Thanks for the continued support with my films, and for checking this one out.

~Nate Johnson


I agree with the last review.

You have truely been making progress with your animation. I have never been a big fan of yours but this interested me. Ifyou keep this up who knows what will happen. So the graphicswere improved the song choice was good, along with the voice acting. Theres always a lot of violence in your flash so nothing wrong there.

Keep up the good work. Continue making flash and improvingyour skillz as an artist! 5/5

mchawking responds:

Thanks bud! I appreciate your support, it's the kinda stuff that keeps me going strong.

~Nate Johnson
natenation dot com!

you're making progress

i had seen the unfinished version on your site

it's nice to see something other than toadsrage(not that i don't like it )

i still think your art is great, animation is definatly getting better (especialy the part where he jumps off) but it can still get better
voice acting is really a nice addition to your flash, you definatly have a good taste for music) and all the extras are always nice

mchawking responds:

thanks man! Yeah I had to take a little vacation from Toads Rage... I can't believe I made 8 of them, 9 if you count the directors cut ep. Toad will be back but hopefully this break will help me bring it back with a fresh feel.

~Nate Johnson
natenation dot com!


Nice work nate! loved every explosive second. I wish i could jump out of a window and land 3 miles away from the building, like what jack did.

#1 Fan + Fourm Deathknight

mchawking responds:

lol yea, it'd be nice! Good to see ya on Newgrounds man!

~Nate Johnson
natenation dot com!

good work

good fight scenes, but those two men at the beginning had funny voices. That bald guy's use of profanity at the beginning made me laugh. awesome music. you should add more stuff to that "create-a-thug" game. I always like to see artists add special features to their work.

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mchawking responds:

Thank you! It takes a little longer to make the extra stuff but I think it's worth it for the added bonus in the movie.

~Nate Johnson
natenation dot com!


Random cartoon violence and outright confusing, just the way I like it. Sweet animation dude, I've always liked your style. Dont listen to the other shitheads who said it was bad.

mchawking responds:

right on, thanks for the support!

~Nate Johnson
natenation dot com!

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3.94 / 5.00

May 16, 2005
12:40 PM EDT
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