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Safety At work.

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[edit]To all hard gore viewers, the reason why blood was not use in this flash was that it was a competition entry (I forget to mention) and I wanna keep gore to the minimun, and the rules was to be less than a min video [edit]

hi everyone. I am from Singapore and This is one of my little Animations I did in my free time. I have others but I am not sure if they are apporiate for the NG audience cause most of my stuff are found in my DA(Deviantart) gallery. but anyway, I am not really expecting anything and I was wondering if anyone here know other singaporean Flash Artist who did flashes in NG.... Or am I the only one?

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my favorite part was the jojo part 3 reference at 58:0
roadrollada wryyyyyyyyyyy

This was good, but it could have been better. It was rather nice to see this animation. It looks like you really have changed after all this time. I guess if it was bloody people would accuse it of being like "Madness Combat". There's too many imitators of those already. The music is great.

I like to see how things get worse. It was nice to see these little guys going around everywhere. Was this a parody of a PSA? It seemed like one at least. I'm glad I don't work at a construction site.

NCH responds:

This was like a very old work done back then for some inter school safety animation compeition. The animation got me first place lol.

i think i will wear full armor when i work

this is why u should always wear ur helmet anything can go wrong right?

what, how, how does all that happen when only one guy doesn't wear a helmet, still it's funny