Shades of Grey Ep. 5

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If you want to pause, rewind, change quality, or put on Subtitles, then use the (M)enu in the top left corner of the flash.

This episode is about 8min of dialogue, which takes place right after ep. 4. Please REVIEW - I find them very helpful and appreciate them! Thanks.

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a piece of greatness!

graphics: I only gave it a 9 because it didnt feel like a 10. thats the best i can say.

style: is AMAZING!!! the plot is one of the best, no wait, very probably THE best ive seen on NG, ever. and while the quality of the graphics could be "better" i dont think it needsto be at all, it suits it perfectly, the random blankness, the rare colour, even the sketchiness is perfect.

humour: some of it, the yellow brick road for example, i rather enjoyed, so even though humour few and far between, I particularly licked what you had.

overall: friggin AMAZING, very easily one my favorite animation series' on NG! way to go!

Just... um... hurry it up with more episodes, eh? *wink*

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it was ALRIGHT

it was so stupid but funny.in a way but IT WAS OK


i love this and i cant wait to see the seqel to number cool stuff here again amd i applaid the efforts with the voice actors man there good

Exellent series

Ok, I just finished watching the whole series, And I will paste this review on to the others.

The ideal of this series is exellent, The main char, as well as supporting chars. It seems to me however if he aquired blue, that blue color should be added to the following films, and progressivly increase depth of that color as he aquires new colors. And as for the final episode comes, it should be in full color.(just my opinion) I also noticed the background dosent do what it should for the chars movment. My cousin does comic book art, and he constructs his backgrounds in "widescreen" so to speak, and takes frames from set parimaters as the character moves along that background. I'm no animator, but it seems this technique could be used for your story boards to add more depth to the physical movments of you charactors. like so:
(this would be the whole background)
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1011 121314
(these squares would be frame numbers on that piece of background as the main object moved along it walking)

Thats the theory anyway, and you would more or less only need x number backgrounds for your entire episode, say 2-5 depending on lenghth of film. Some of yours were short and could have done with 2 max. I also belive creating 1 large background for x# of frames could save you actual "At the drawing-board" time. As you already have the sceane set up, and dont have to re-start from scratch each time, you want to change the light or make a transition to a new look for the same sceane. My couzin buys paper on a large uninterupted roll (no preforations or stops) and cuts it off when he is done with that background. And any computer can lay your sepratly drawn charactors over this.

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OMG. . .(watch them ALL)

GOD DAMN!!! those were AMAZING ah hav seen things LIKE that but never seen ANYTHING as good as them. . .watched ALL of them one after another an I could NOT take my eyes off the screen!!!
Ep. 3 could of been alittle longer or more meaning to it but as you said it was a "run up to E.p 4" but still great work. . .DONT GIVE IT UP!!!
Ep 5's story was the best though the way it went into the city was very good!!!

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May 15, 2005
5:14 PM EDT
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