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Lovely Happy Times

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Author Comments

No Storyline or plot here, just throthy random goodness.
Please leave a review, I love reviews!
I WILL reply to every one.
Also, you may want to set the quality to Medium if you're on a slower system, because some scenes seem to lag sightly.

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2005 was weird time

For the Love of God...

Well, obviously the goal of this flash is to be as random as possible. To that end, you have achieved your goal 100%. I have to say, with the title "Lovely Happy Times," I was expecting something a bit more...lovely? Happy? So, god damn, did I jump with that beginning animation. And my sound was all the way up...whew.

I'm not really sure what you could do in order to prompt a higher score from me. Yes, this flash is random, and it inspires a wide variety of reactions from me personally, but that is because you resort to extremes. From extremely freaky to...a man fucking a pig.

I suppose if you could create the same flash without having to resort to overly bloody, obsurd, or "sexual" scenes, it would be much greater and unique in my mind. Like I said, you inspired several emotions in me, being freaked out the most prominent, but you can do that without blood and...pig-fucking. I suppose my point is, your idea is original. Your method is not.

Overall, though, a good flash. I gave you a 4.

YAY a good flash to watch.....

......while smoking a big fat joint. \m/

keep on rocking in the free world.

>Good flash man<

Coffee-lock responds:



I'm very disturbed now... just how I like to be after a flash!

Coffee-lock responds:


Ah pretty good

Pretty good but a little weird.

Coffee-lock responds:

Weirdness is cool tho rite.

Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

May 15, 2005
8:19 AM EDT

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