StickDude Killing Arena 2

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To those of you who are "anti-stick figure" or hate stick dudes.....why did you even click on the link to get here?
And yes, it IS alot like Ringfinger's battlefield isn't it....so props to him.
Daily 3rd Place.......cool. Thanks for voting.


Wow, at first i thought battlefield rip off.......

But battlefield doesn't have squat compared to the fighting in this game, holy crap!!! it wasn't dbz fighting, it was ninja fighting most of the time!!! a lil bullet time at one point, very nice! The only dissapointment i found was the weapon noises. THAT'S IT everything else was amazing.

mexipino responds:

Thanks....And thank you for taking the time to review.

even better than the 1st 1

some of the moves that they pulled were freakin crazy i luved it

P.S. i liked the lil twist where u can shoot him in the end plz make a prt 3

mexipino responds:

well, a part 3 is in the works my friend. Be sure to check it out in a few weeks......

x a lent

read the title

that was awsome

that is all I have to say

It was so awsome!

I personally don't like sticks unless they actually show personallity but wow! The is animation is great, they had cute little voices, and talked in the moments they should have, they showed reflexes and movement was smooth and sexy (if you catch my drift). I hope you do another with MORE action, MORE mayhem, and MORE options for the sticks, including more objects and such for the ARENA! Overall, its great, and it deserves front page!

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4.23 / 5.00

May 13, 2005
11:50 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place May 15, 2005