Ultimate skate video 2

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-got a better pre loader
-improved the buttons so interface is more user friendly
- click and hold on some of the pics to increase there size!!
Iv nearly finished all i have to do is finish skill2 but since i got exams this wont happen for a couple of months so id though id upload it now and update it later.
skills1 is semi-rotoscoped
bails is stick men (i think stick men killing them self's is funnier then real people)
and tip for all you skater struggling with the basics.
**this movie may take 20+mins to load witha standard dial up modem (56K), this is the most i could compress the file to and when you say the amount of songs and lenght of the movie id say i did a pretty good job.
p.s - how do u delete old movies??



Nice Spinz!!!!!

What can I say...

...you gotta love rotoscoping.

my eyes....

ok sry to put 3 on graphic it was really awesome graphic were good was nice tho but my eyes are twicking omg lol the frame per frame kill me ^^

cronic-22 responds:

lol thats cool caus you still gave me a 9

Awesome, but...

wuts the name of the song in tips section?!!?!

cronic-22 responds:

sugarcult - memory
thanks for the 7

i can relate

to the hardflip assplant. lol dude ive been skatin for bout a year now and i can ollie 2 ½ decks (about :/) kickflip, primo, caspar, (almost) truckstand, manual (duh), pop shove it. o ya dubble kickflip. but thanks on the heelflip advice. i didnt know what i was doin so i tried and my board stood straight up and i got sacked reallllly hardy on it. im close to varial kickflip and 180... maybe if u make another u could give advice on it :/. well good job on the flash this goin in my favs so i can look at it when i need advice.

cronic-22 responds:

im glad i could help
in the nxt usv i might but a more advanced tips section with basic and pro tricks

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May 13, 2005
2:13 PM EDT