War On Cookies

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Godspeed, cookie soldier!

This is the first game I've done in flash, it was made for an audio art class, so all the music is original.



Umm.... yore kiding rite? Well, at least you tride. The concept of the whole haveing the cookie move when you do sounded original, and I like originality, but sucked. Work on another idea, this one is a dud.

why on earth??????

Did satan come to rule newgrounds and decided to punish all of us by putting flash-games like that on the frontpage????
normally i am not that mean but THIS is the crappiest game i have ever seen... playing pong is MUCH more entertaining....
im not good at making flash-games too.. but i never submit any so please do so too or learn how to make halfways usable ones

not too good

this is really anti bush and i see a lot of that. Somtimes it can be funny. This however is stupid. I think this is crap. There is no fun here. I don't see why this is on the front page!

ummm no

Horbile game doent make any sence try spending more time on the idea

Not bad, I've definitely seen worse

I give a 7 in graphics and an 8 in violence both because of the background.
I gave u a 0 for sound because i didnt hear anything *realises his speaker is off* Oops! oh well, it cant hurt your score, cause i didn't care about the sound!
You should keep at it.

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1.96 / 5.00

May 13, 2005
12:13 PM EDT
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