Burnt Face Man 3

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The 3rd of many Burnt Face Man cartoons. I've got a domain for Burnt Face Man now www.burntfaceman.com


Stupid hero...

The animation was good and the sound was a bit lacking in plac......aw!who am I kinding? It was awsome! The humor especially. My God it was funny! Brilliant voice actors and teriffic script.

True humour, made for the intelligent.

I'm a big fan of the Burnt Face Man series and of David Firth, I think it's great Burnt Face Man has his own site now, anyway keep up the good work David hope to see more of it.


pretty funny


I love your work!
And this was real nice! I love the small video-game jokes you put into some of Burnt FAce Man's adventures. (By this plural bending of the word "jokes" I am of course referring to the "Haiaken"* in episode 1. I do not mean that there is a lot of video-game-referring jokes in all of the Burnt Face Man episodes. Just the Megaman (Rockman for some people maybe) thing in this one, and aforementhioned Street Fighter 2 punch/move**).
So anyway: really big fan. seen all your work I think. love it.
Ps: Not the kind of fan as seen in the movie "Misery" with James Caan and Kathy Bates.

*How the hell do you spell that anyway??


Pretty funny, but not as great as the last 2

Thanks for making a new episode of burnt face man! I was waiting for a thrid episode. Although very good, I would have to say it had a couple slow moments and was not as good as 1 or 2. I know it has to be tough to top those. Keep making these though as they are great, and are a nice change from your usual work, although your usual work is quite nice too.

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4.25 / 5.00

May 13, 2005
12:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Original